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South St. Louis County, Jefferson County

Phone:  (314) 288-8133
Email:  [email protected]

About Me

Prior to my real estate career, was in the home repair/construction business.  I had also begun to invest in real estate.

I became a real estate agent because I wanted to ease out of the home repair/construction business.  I realized that I could use my experience in home repairs and construction to help clients make a more informed decision.

I think my greatest strength as a real estate agent is the fact that I know home repairs, construction, and the real estate market — which helps me help my clients make better buying and selling decisions.

I enjoy working with traditional buyers and sellers.  However, my best clients are investors.  I am an investor, so I really understand how to help these buyers and sellers.

Why Choose Me

  • Extensive home repair and construction experience
  • Deep residential real estate investment experience
  • Market knowledge

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