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St. Louis City,  St. Louis County

Phone:  (314) 705-2027
Email:  [email protected]

About Me

Prior to my real estate career, I owned a couple of travel agencies, and ran the iconic Henry VIII Hotel and Conference Center.  During this time I became interested in real estate investing.

When the hotel was sold to make room for the new airport runway, I decided to become a real estate agent.  At that time, my primary reason for doing that was to facilitate the growth of my real estate investment portfolio.  I continued to invest and eventually became a broker — at which time I opened the RESource agency.

This move gave me the freedom and flexibility of running my own business again, using my sales skills along with an entrepreneurial spirit to help people, primarily investors and small businesses, through real property.

My primary strengths as a realtor include 30+ years of experience, marketplace knowledge, negotiation skills, industry contacts, and connections with a “Let’s make a deal” philosophy.

My best clients are Investors and business owners who are R.A.W. = Ready, Able, and Willing buy, lease, and sell commercial property.

Why Choose Me

  • 30+ years of experience
  • Marketplace knowledge
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Extensive network that includes many of the “who’s who” of  the St. Louis
  • My “Let’s Make a Deal” philosophy

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